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The intelligent photo search app

Are you interested in finding pictures you took of a specific landmark? Instead of flipping through all the pictures in your libraries, use SnapRecall to automatically identify the specific photos taken of a location.

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  • SnapRecall - iphone1
  • SnapRecall - iphone1
  • SnapRecall - iphone1

Most smart phones, tablets and photo editing applications provide the ability to search your photos for those that match a particular location (or location area). This type of search almost always uses the Global Positioning System (GPS) metadata (e.g. latitude, longitude and altitude) that is embedded into your photos to identify the matches. The GPS metadata specifies where the device creating the photo was physically located when the photo was created. If you were interested in searching for photos that contain a particular location as its subject (what the camera is capturing), this type of search will not suffice.

With SnapRecall, you can search for photos that CONTAIN a specified location.


  • Specify the album or library to include in your search
  • Specify a target location on the map that matched photos must include
  • Specify the maximum distance from the target location a matched photo may have been taken
  • Specify an optional date range and/or time of day range for matched photos
  • View and share photos that matched the specified search parameters

Photos taken before iOS 5 will not have the metadata required by SnapRecall’s search algorithm and will be omitted from search results.

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